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Tk and mike 11 dvd set

Complete 11** DVD set featuring the newest video-Deer Foe

ALL 11 dvds $139.00 (shipping and handling included)

Redneck Hunting & Fishing at its Finest!

Hours of enjoyment await you as a couple of Alabama hillbillies show you the finer points of Deer Hunting, Duck Hunting, Turkey Hunting, Squirrel Hunting, Elk Hunting, Catfishing and Bass Fishing.  The hunters travel from the Alabama woods to Mexico and New Mexico and back, hunting for all types of quarry including Big Foot. The two hunters show you techniques  for tracking and whitetail hunting they have perfected from years of backwoods Alabama hunting.
These dvds will entertain the special redneck hunter or fisherman in your camp, male or female, young or old. Watch for the 5 dollar dog, split toe, the guzzling gourmet, 4 guage waterfowl widowmaker, pee pouch, porto-pooper and more.
Compensation Disclosure: COMPENSATION_DISCLAIMER These dvds are original .